All organic matter follows a trajectory : life, death , decomposition and finally total material fading . Taxidermy exists because of the inevitability of life to fade, assuming an attempt to stop time. The reasons are several: personal validation of a hunter, the prize; immortalise a pet, document a species for scientific reasons, decorate a wall, causing horror ... is not possible, however, to dissociate it from nostalgia. In addition to death and destruction, taxidermy exposes the concerns surrounding human relations with and within the natural world; the strangeness that is to be part and to be apart of nature. Animal or object? Animal and object? ... Taxidermy does not deal with the idea of ​​resurrection, but with the idea of eternity. And for that the animal must be killed. Dead but not gone, a tribute or violation of nature, an attempt to escape the question of life and death. "Limbo" explores the animal transition, proposing a reflection on that is and on what it turns out: no muscles, bones, blood, built in polyurethane and plaster, mounted on metal bases covered with the only organic thing left : their skin.